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DP Press Release, December 07 2021

Okoler Opio December 7, 2021

Election of EALA Flagbearer Democratic Party is set to hold the primary election to get the EALA flag bearer on Saturday, 11th December 2021. The election will take place in a sitting of the 12th National Executive Committee of the Party at DP National Campaign Command Center-Balintuma Road commencing at exactl10:00 am EAT. The commitment […]

DP Press Release November, 30th 2021 City House

Okoler Opio November 30, 2021

Local Government Elections Democratic Party congratulates all candidates that have so far been successfully nominated to contest for various local government positions in the ongoing electioneering process. We wish to emphasize that unless otherwise agreed Democratic Party will have a candidate for every elective position in the ongoing elections both at the local government and […]