Egumire August 10, 2021

DP Headquarters, City House Enact New Laws Democratic Party, believes in a mixed economy where both the state and individuals can do business, therefore our view of a liberalized economy is that the government maintains a substantive stake in key sectors like Health, Transport, Banking, communication and utilities. Contrary to the approach of the National […]

Egumire August 6, 2021

Former Democratic Party (DP) Wakiso Chairman Ssalongo Expedito Ssekyalo died this thursday evening. He was being treated for various complications which had affected him for along time. His death was confirmed by Democratic Party President Hon Norbert Mao. “I have learnt with great sorrow of the death of Ssalongo Ssekyalo. I convey my sincere condolences […]

Egumire August 3, 2021

DP Headquarter DP holds the Inaugural NEC meeting Democratic Party held her inaugural National Executive Committee meeting last Friday the 30th day of July, 2021 via Zoom, Though being with the will power and wish to hold meetings of Party Organs, since the National Delegates Conference in Gulu last year, the prevailing circumstances of the […]

Egumire August 2, 2021

In a telephone conversation, Nicole shared with me her honest opinion about the lockdown, she felt that it should continue a little longer because the same has created an environment for her to enjoy the presence of her parents, in somewhat a jocose voice, she continued to say that this lockdown should be used by […]

Egumire July 31, 2021

Tanzania’s main opposition party on Saturday called for protests over the arrest of its leader and said it had mounted a legal challenge to charges of terrorism filed against him. Chadema chairman Freeman Mbowe was arrested 10 days ago along with other senior party members just hours before they were to hold a public forum […]

Egumire July 21, 2021

The Role of the Parliamentary Opposition By Norbert Mao The official opposition is the main non-government party in Parliament. It is the second biggest party or coalition of parties voted into parliament. The opposition is expected to provide an alternative to government policies or actions. The job of the opposition is thus to scrutinize the […]