Egumire August 1, 2023

City House0753203855 Kabaka’s Anniversary for 30 years. Yesterday the Kabaka of Buganda kingdom celebrated 30 years ever since he was enthroned as a king of Buganda kingdom. As Democratic party we do congratulate him upon this mile stone which is not easy in an error which has some people who hate kingdoms. In Uganda Buganda […]

Egumire June 27, 2023

IDD ADHUHA Tomorrow the 28th June 2023 all Muslims across the world will be celebrating IDD ADHUHA which is an idd for slaughtering animals as a sacrifice. We would like to congratulate all the Muslims upon reaching this day and request them to utilize this day to ask for forgiveness more so today the day […]

Egumire June 20, 2023

ATTACK ON LHUBIRIHA SECONDARY SCHOOL. Democratic party more so the Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) is deeply saddened by the cowardly and insensitive attack on the young people of Lhubirira Secondary school in kasese district. According to security it was confirmed that suspected ADF Rebels attacked Lhubirira secondary school in Mpondwe village and killed over 40 […]

Egumire June 6, 2023

DEMOCRATIC PARTY DOMINATES YDUA ELECTIONS. Between 28th – 31st May 2023, Young Democratic Union of Africa (YDUA) organized it’s BiAnnual conference in Addis Ababa – Ethiopia with electing the new executive being part of the agenda. YDUA is the youth organ of Democratic Union of Africa (DUA) which is a body which unites all the […]

Egumire May 30, 2023

For Immediate Release30th/05/2023Addis Ababa Kiirya Ismail the UYD President elected the new president of Young Democratic Union of Africa (YDUA) a youth body which unites all youth leagues of Center right ideology. Young Democratic Union of Africa (YDUA) organized it BiAnnual conference in Addis Ababa at Ramada Hotel. The conference was aimed to change leadership […]

Egumire May 23, 2023

Greetings members of the press, today we are addressing three issues; Last week we had a social media Video which went viral having three MPs massaging themselves from the house. As Democratic party we agree with the act but we disagree with the place done from. It’s a right for every adult in Uganda to […]

Egumire May 2, 2023

Good morning members of the press, news reaching us this morning the State Minister for Labor, employment, and Industrial Relations Rt Col. Charles Engola by a UPDF officer in Kyanja. According to the eyewitnesses, the officer killed the Minister and he also killed himself. The eyewitnesses also stated that he said, he didn’t want to […]

Egumire April 26, 2023

SUDAN UNREST We have heard that Government has managed to remove Our Diplomats and other Ugandans from Sudan but we could like to bring attention to the Government that their many Ugandans how have managed to move out of Sudan via South Sudan but we have received information that they don’t have what to eat […]

Egumire April 18, 2023

For Immediate release18th/04/20230753203855 Prosecution of Ministers Yesterday 17th/04/2023 Uganda witnessed another minister lugolobi Amos being prosecuted and remanded joining his counter part Minister Nandutu because of corruption. This is a good gesture and if this justice and rule of law has been happening for atleast 20 years ago then Uganda wouldn’t be losing alot of […]

Egumire October 4, 2022

UYD Press releaseFor immediate release+256753203855+2567779641384th/10/2022 On 14th/09/2022 A resolution was passed by the European Parliament for the proposed East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP). Uganda and Tanzania, as well as TotalEnergies as the implementor are to delay development of the EACOP for at least a year according to the EU resolution. The proposed 1,443km heated […]