Egumire August 3, 2021

DP Headquarter DP holds the Inaugural NEC meeting Democratic Party held her inaugural National Executive Committee meeting last Friday the 30th day of July, 2021 via Zoom, Though being with the will power and wish to hold meetings of Party Organs, since the National Delegates Conference in Gulu last year, the prevailing circumstances of the […]

Egumire March 16, 2021

The Democratic Party is concerned with the escalating public debt that the government has accumulated through borrowing from external development partners namely the IMF, World Bank and the government of China. The government has also borrowed from local banks through treasury bills. According to BoU, passing the budget proposals for the FY 2021/2022, Uganda’s outstanding […]

Egumire March 2, 2021

DP Head QuartersCity House STUDENTS REPORT TO SCHOOL On the morning of the 1st day of March, 2021, another set of children reported back to school after spending one year at home, the Democratic Party notes with concern that many parents are unable to return their children to school because of pecuniary difficulties arising from […]

Egumire February 23, 2021

The Democratic Party holds a vision to have a Uganda where dignity of all persons irrespective of their tribes, sex, religion, political inclinations, professions and any such other orientations is respected, this involves giving respect to fundamental human rights and freedoms of people. Respecting fundamental human rights and freedoms of individuals as being one of […]