Egumire April 18, 2023

For Immediate release

Prosecution of Ministers

Yesterday 17th/04/2023 Uganda witnessed another minister lugolobi Amos being prosecuted and remanded joining his counter part Minister Nandutu because of corruption. This is a good gesture and if this justice and rule of law has been happening for atleast 20 years ago then Uganda wouldn’t be losing alot of money in corruption because it would be minimal.

We want to appreciate the Police and all the security agencies for the work however, let’s not concentrate on small corruption scandals for political gains.

Ladies and gentlemen the iron sheet saga has around 20,000 iron sheets which were embezzled out of the 107,000 iron sheets received by the OPM.

This is not more than 1.5b UG shillings, this could be a scandal used just to hit their targets but not necessarily fighting corruption.

Few days ago we saw president Museven writing to the prime minister ordering her not to allow all those associated to the scandal not to leave the country.

For the first time he is proving to be so much concerned which is making us wonder. Is he the real Museven we know or someone used his headed paper?. Mr Museven had never been interested in any scandal before like this.

Anyway as a benefit of dought we appreciate him but let him allow the systems to work normally, we have Judiciary which has courts of and will determine whether those associated to the scandal are legible to leave this country or not but not you.

On top of the above, since Judiciary has now proved to be coming out of sleep we want to remind it to clear the old scandalous cases also;

A) The Kisozi farm.
If security and judiciary are serious let them also investigate on the Kisozi farm. How did the current owner get, whom did he buy it from and at what cost?? This is a farm which meant to benefit Ugandans but it’s benefiting only one individual.

B) Temangalo Land
This scandal began in 2008 where the former security Minister John Patrick Amama mbazi, Mr Amos Nzei, Mr Ezra suruma and others inflated this land and forced the NSSF to buy it at a dubious cost. Uganda lost belions and belions of money. How did it end?

C) Chogm
In this case we saw the former vice president Prof. Gilbert Bukenya influence pedaling since he was the Chairman of the committee to construction a personal hotel using the Tax payers money in disguise of constructing a hotel meant to be utilized by Chogm delegates. He visited prison once and the Case was withdrawn.

Ladies and gentlemen as Uganda Young Democratics we see this scandal to end the same way all these ended because it’s not aiming at fighting corruption but exposing those they want to get ready of the system.

  1. Sudan Unrest
    This is almost the fourth day when Khartoum has become the battle ground for both the Sudan Army headed by Gen Abdel Fattah AlBurhan and the Rapid support forces (RSF) headed by Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo as all are scrumbling to control the country.

The fight is being intensified where the RSF is not seeing plans of being incorporated in the Sudan Army. This rose tentions between the two Generals and the signing of the deal was put off.

We are calling upon the two groups to come back on table to regnite the talks for the betterment of the country.

We are also calling upon all forces to honour agreements done before and after because of the agreement done between the two was honoured then Sudan wouldn’t be going back to such useless wars.

Let’s hope President Museven is picking one or two lessons from Sudan Unrest. We don’t want such wars to happen in Uganda because of over stay and not honouring agreements.

In Uganda Democratic party signed an agreement to avoid such issues happening in Sudan and if the president doesn’t follow the agreement, we are likely to also face such unrests. It’s not Democratic Party to do it but some forces who may think that could be the only way to change power. People are silently watching and time is going as well. If it reaches 2025 when not honoured automatically we are pulling out.

  1. UYD Makerere University Business school Candidate. Yesterday Uganda Young Democrats nominated a candidate as Wasswa Christopher who is one of the best candidate among the four candidates MUBS nominated. We want to thank the MUBS administration to allow students to practice partisan politics because we saw NUP, FDC, NRM who come to chew their headquater Money and us the UYD.

We therefore call upon MUK to copy from their child MUBS, it would have been MUBS to copy but it’s now MUK to copy from MUBS.

Let me allow our candidate to have a word.