Egumire May 23, 2023

Greetings members of the press, today we are addressing three issues;

  1. MPs massaging themselves in the House

Last week we had a social media Video which went viral having three MPs massaging themselves from the house. As Democratic party we agree with the act but we disagree with the place done from.

It’s a right for every adult in Uganda to engage in such acts and that’s the reason why we have children and also stress management.

However since parliament has a section of breast feeding for parliament workers and MPs and a Gym, we should create the same section for our MPs to do the massaging. It’s absurd that such videos lower our integrity across the world. So to avoid spoiling the image of the institution we beg to save the MPs from such situations.

  1. Warning letters to MPs

Last week we saw some warning letters to MPs demanding 10m from them Incase they still need their life.

It’s absurd that in Uganda no one is safe at all because of we move to a situation of warning letters to MPs now who can be spared.

As Democratic party we are very worried because this is not the first time it is happening. It started on sheiks as a joke and it really happened. The communities also were threatened and still many lives were taken as a joke.

However it’s absurd that government no longer cares on the life of Ugandans because they seem not to be having any solution to such criminalities.

We are very disappointed with our security because they have turned out to be news reporters than keeping law and order. They reported to us that they have some of the number which threatened but they have no capacity to know where it is.

In forensic audit, even if you type just a letter and give it to me. It can be tressed upto where you typed it from but police is trying to decieve the nation that they only know the country code but they don’t know whether the owner of the phone is in the country or outside the country.

What’s the use of interpol, is it just ceremonial or.

Where is the energy exerted on the politicians to the extent of even listening to their conversations on calls?.

We had an incident of Suzan Magala whose killers almost spent a week communicating to the farther to give them money but police failed to even know where they were basing till the innocent lady was killed.

It’s really absurd that security only concetrates on politicians and leave out such critical issues.

  1. Katonga Bridge

It’s now almost 3 weeks when the katonga Bridge broke and we do appreciate what government is doing to bring back business to normal at Masaka road.

However we are not satisfied with the way government is handling the issue because by now they would have provided an Alternative Bridge at the same place.

There are alot of delays in the construction because many businesses on that road are on stand still till the completion of the road.

That road is a gate way to Tanzania, Burundi, congo and Rwanda so we can register big loses if it takes alot of time to complete.

By now we were expecting government to have put a temporary Bridge to be able to allow lighter vehicles like Taxis buses and small cars to pass as the trucks and other big vehicles use other routes. This could help could help businesses at the equator, Lukaya etc to go on as they wait for the construction but are you expecting for these people to wait all your delays?

However we don’t see any will to help these people from the government side because the Ministry of finance requested the coligender (supplementary budget) last week, why did they also request the supplementary budget for the Alternative Bridge.


Kiirya Ismail