Egumire June 6, 2023


Between 28th – 31st May 2023, Young Democratic Union of Africa (YDUA) organized it’s BiAnnual conference in Addis Ababa – Ethiopia with electing the new executive being part of the agenda. YDUA is the youth organ of Democratic Union of Africa (DUA) which is a body which unites all the Center right parties in Africa.

For the position of the president it had 3 contestants ie Kiirya Ismail from Uganda, Muhcin from Morocco, and Edwige from Cote de vor known as Ivory coast.

Kiirya Ismail emerged as the winner with 8 votes, followed by Muhcin with 4 votes and Edwige followed with one vote.

The UYD Vice president emerged as the winner of Head of communications in a hotly contested race which put Democratic party at high level of dorminancy.

YDUA will help the nation in grooming and nurturing young leaders within the country since we are bringing the Democracy school in Uganda. We also visited the headquarters of African Union in Addis Ababa and requested to be given authority in peace building between countries which have conflicts since it’s the youth who are always used in that line.


We would like to condole with the families of all the soldiers who lost their lives in somalia after the Alshabab attacked their base and overwhelmingly defeated and killed them.

However as Democratic party we demand a strong audit in the Ugandan Army continuing to stay in somalia. UPDF went in Somalia in 2007 under the African Union Mission in somalia (AMISON) which expired in 2022 and again replaced by the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia.

The Amisson was mandated to support transitional governmental structures, implement a national security plan, train the Somali security forces, and to assist in creating a secure environment for the delivery of humanitarian aid.

It’s now 16 years ever since 2007, what has the country benefitted from these deployments?? We want to tress a national question not a personal question. We are now becoming permanent forces in somalia, is it an individual merit or a country merit.

We want to ask parliament of Uganda to critically analyze what the country is benefiting from Somalia other wise we demand the withdrawal of UPDF from Somalia and concentrate on the national security.


As the president is preparing for the State of the nation’s address, let him prepare a report on what Ugandans benefit from deploying their sons and daughters in Somalia. Other we may be here when the whole process benefits Gen. Yoweri Kaguta as a person.

The state of the nation’s address is aimed to give the status quo of the country but in most cases the president uses it to rebuke and undermind those on opposition.

As the Democratic party we expect him to answer the hard questions ask about there country;.
a) what are we still benefiting from Somalia as a country.
b) why is the UPE schools become an option for those who can’t afford the private schools??
c) . Why is seaking health medical care in government hospitals has only remained for those who can’t afford private.
d) why is the country having only 1 international stadium for the last 37 years??

Those are some of the answers Ugandans would love to hear from you Mr president but not rebuking and laughing at those on opposition.