Egumire June 2, 2021

We are forgeting the bigger picture, the problem of Uganda though being part of it, is not President Museveni but rather the system that he has built over time that is now sustaining him in power, this system can sustain another despot who can even be worse than the incumbent.

My opinion is that, it is being parochial and politically naive to be excited over the simple rumour that he is sick and or has been airlifted abroad for treatment.

Okay be that as the truth, will Museveni’s death bring power back to the people? This question can be addressed appropriately after realising who the usurpers of the people’s sovereignty are.

Key players in the political arena, that is, individuals, political parties and other formations should devise a robust strategy of addressing the real problem wholesomely; and that can only be achieved through dismantling the NRM system.

Okoler Opio Lo Amanu