Okoler Opio March 15, 2022
Okoler while addressing the presser at the DP headquarters at City House

While addressing the press conference at City House, the Democratic Party spokesperson Okoler Opio Lo Amanu started that the biggest mistake done by the NRM government is surrendering the administration of key sectors namely; transport, health and education to private entrepreneurs whose major object is to make a profit at whatever cost including cheating ipso facto the government becomes powerless at a time when Ugandans are being cheated by these money “sharks”. This fact is alive in contemporary Uganda, we have seen the Prime Minister offer nothing but lamentations in times when Ugandans were being exorbitantly charged hundreds of millions by private health care facilities to treat COVID 19.

The governments that work for the people will always protect the interests of citizens from those of business owners by taking charge of the prices of services and goods in key sectors.

Uganda should benchmark countries like Nigeria in developing a legal framework to control prices of services and goods in the economy. The government of Nigeria enacted the Price Control Act with a fully-fledged price control board to prevail over business owners attempting to cheat the citizenry.

Therefore, we believe strongly that there is one remedy to the current crisis of high prices of commodities that are bedevilling ordinary Ugandans and that is enacting a price control act which shall give government power to take charge and punish errant entrepreneurs