Egumire October 5, 2023

The Return of omusinga.

Tomorrow 4th/10/2023 the omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere will return to his kingdom after 7 years ever since he was arrested in 2016.

This comes after being cleared with all charges which he was arrested for 7 years back.

As Democratic party we want to congratulate the Obusinga upon this occasion which is marking the return of the king to his throne. We are calling upon the people of Rwezuru to use this occasion for healing, reconciliation and unity among the people.

Let’s forgive each other in order to continue with the kingdom, issues like finger pointing, discrimination etc of those they suspect to be behind the omusinga arrest will just disorganize us the more than unifying us. Let’s forget what happened.


DP appeals in the case of Bendicto Kiwanuka Vs Democratic party

Democratic Party Lodges Appeal in the Case of Bendicto Kiwanuka Vs Democratic Party

The Democratic Party hereby declares its intent to file an appeal in response to the recent court ruling rendered in the matter of Bendicto Kiwanuka Vs Democratic Party The court, in its decision, dismissed Mr. Kiwanuka’s plea to invalidate the entire National Executive Committee (NEC) of the party, instead advising him to pursue individual lawsuits against each office bearer should he wish to pursue such action.

Furthermore, the court acknowledged an error in the removal of Mr. Kiwanuka from the list of candidates and directed the payment of compensation equal to half of his wages. Nevertheless, it is our steadfast belief that this ruling undermines the fundamental tenets of our party’s constitution, which governs our internal operations and delineates the procedures for leadership transitions.

It is imperative for the court to acknowledge that political parties establish rules and regulations that govern their functioning. The Democratic Party diligently adheres to its constitution, which provides a comprehensive framework for decision-making and leadership changes within the party. Mr. Kiwanuka, cognizant of his disqualification for the position of Secretary General, did not avail himself of the internal mechanisms for appeal within the party.

Consequently, the Democratic Party has initiated an appeal against the court’s ruling, seeking to safeguard the integrity of our internal processes and the sanctity of our constitutional provisions. We remain resolute in upholding the democratic values and principles that form the bedrock of our party.

It is important to note the presence of certain allusions suggesting the possibility of collusion between lawyers in this matter.

  1. The copy of the alleged Pre prepared list was never attached to the petition, and that matter was never addressed by Mr Nalukoola.
  2. No regard was made to obtain certified records of the delegates conference from the regulator
  3. No regard whatsoever was made to the Statutory instrument guiding all meetings under the Public Health Act that was passed and applicable to all meetings during the Covid 19 pandemic .
  4. No proof of membership was required by Mr Kiwanuka under the yearly renewal and subscription requirements under the Constitution of DP was done Money lending in Uganda.

There is alot of dust in money lenders due to the exorbitant interests they collect from their clients.

Some online lenders in names of quick loans have also emerged and they are also greatly exorbitantly charging their clients with abnormal interests.

The president also came out and expressed conscerns about these money lenders. However is hard to believe that the president didn’t know about these money lenders and what they do.

The reason why Ugandans are falling prey to these money lenders it’s because of the easy access to the loans and the economy of the country.

People borrow for school fees, business, rent among others where most of the people fail to meet the deadlines and more interest in added onto them.

We do acknowledge that there stringent laws governing money lending but why are they not regulated.

What has the Ministry of Uganda micro finance regulatory authority and bank of Uganda done to go on ground because they’re supposed to register.

Let’s implement the regulating laws in the ministry of the Micro-Finance because most of the money lenders lend with a will of taking mogages.

In other words they should have lincences which authorizes them to operate stipulating their locations.. This can help the government to come up with the enforcement agencies like what the NDA does to check on them in the specific places where they operate from.

Kiirya Ismail
UYD PRESIDENT/ Ag party spokesperson