Egumire August 1, 2023

City House

Kabaka’s Anniversary for 30 years.

Yesterday the Kabaka of Buganda kingdom celebrated 30 years ever since he was enthroned as a king of Buganda kingdom.

As Democratic party we do congratulate him upon this mile stone which is not easy in an error which has some people who hate kingdoms.

In Uganda Buganda kingdom being the strongest kingdom in the country, it determines alot what happens to other kingdoms. We therefore give you assurance as Democratic party that we shall continue support the idea of kingdoms because of it’s intended goals of preserving culture among others.

Long live the Kabaka of Buganda.

Presidents visit to Russia.

President Museven left Uganda on Wednesday 26th July 2023 for Russia to attend the Second Russia-Africa Summit that ran from 27th- 28th July in Russia’s city of Saint Petersburg.

While there, the President held bilateral talks with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the summit.

As Democratic party we do appreciate the president’s international relations but we highly recommend him to drive the country’s Agenda and not personal Agenda.

Our interest as Ugandans is international security and economic transformation, remember as Uganda we had a non alignment policy where we were not supporting any of the two countries at a war that is Ukrane and Russia.

Let us hope that the side talks you had with president Putin did not commit us as a country that we are supporting his autocratic ways of invading Ukraine.

We want to remind you that such a move led to former Pakistan Prime minister Imran Khan to be censured. The censure came after meeting president Putin.

As a nation we are consumer’s of security so we don’t want to be party because of your selfish gains.

Police Report of road accidents for July 2023

In a recently read traffic accident report, a total of 432 accidents were recorded, with 97 being fatal, 202 were serious, and 133 were minor. Among the 424 victims, 100 lost their lives, while 324 sustained injuries.

The fatalities included 42 motorcycle riders (13 passengers and 29 riders) as well as 40 pedestrians.

We want to inform the traffic police and the government atlarge that this number is very big to be registered in road accidents.

We therefore call upon the traffic office to reduce on their appetit in corruption and emphasize on professionality when on road.

When you punish those road bad users basing on the law, there high chances that they will not repeat such mistakes.

But the issue of making it a money collection Center has greatly led to these accidents because people will not understand why they need to change.

Most traffic officers have specialized in money making businesses while on road. When it comes to Boda Bodas, they don’t even ask requirements needed like permits, helmets but they instead just pack the bikes along the road with an intention of getting money then after they left to go after paying to them.

This is a road narrative which should stop since it’s contributing to accidents.

The other issue is on poor roads more so on highways, vehicles always dodge those big potholes and end up driving in lanes of opposite road users where I’m most cases they collide in that manner.

We therefore call upon government to work on roads to avoid such accidents.

Kiirya Ismail