Egumire June 27, 2023


Tomorrow the 28th June 2023 all Muslims across the world will be celebrating IDD ADHUHA which is an idd for slaughtering animals as a sacrifice.

We would like to congratulate all the Muslims upon reaching this day and request them to utilize this day to ask for forgiveness more so today the day before IDD the day which is called Arafa. We are all firsting today in order to benefit from it regarding the benefits associated with it. We wish you IDD celebrations and Kay God answer all your prayers on this day.

DPP’s closes files on the Iron sheet scandal.

According to the Director of Public procecussions (DPP) Jane Francis Abodo indicated that they discovered that 23 files were directly involving the diversion of iron sheets and were opened against several suspects. She adds that out of the 23, they screened the suspects and found that they did not have sufficient evidence to proceed with 17 case files of suspects.

In her own remarks, she said that some of the politicians were also misled by their personal assistants and they had no knowledge about the iron sheets.

As Democratic we think that this is selective justice madam DPP. We are now sighting an influence of the state because it’s now using the DPP as a tool of oppression.

In that regard the State now chooses who to discipline and who to give a waver through the DPP.

We now wonder how corruption will end in Uganda when the judicial system has started being selective in punishing basing on your rank in government.

The net for corruption has no capacity to capture the big fish we have it only concetrates on the small fish.

We are now requesting you to also close the files of the Young people who were demonstrating about the diversion of the iron sheets since the will of fighting corruption is not at your office.

We are saying that because if that corruption scandal was involving the opposition figures, this couldn’t have been the treat. This now normalizes the corruption in Uganda and we can now confirm that Uganda has no will to fight corruption.

You can’t charge Hon. Kitutu and Hon. Nandutu then leave the prime minister who is the boss. Should we say that she didn’t know about all what was taking place? No!

Any way we also thank the DPP for having saved these ministers from shame. This is an escape route where they will not be ashamed in the public because we do understand that If these were to continue definitely they would be ashamed of what they did to this nation.

The International Day in support of Torture Victims.

Yesterday Uganda joined the rest of the world to commemorate the international Day in support
Of victims of Torture.

The United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture is an international observance held annually on 26 June to speak out against the crime of torture and to honour and support victims and survivors throughout the world.

We would like to inform United Nations that in Uganda we are still experiencing Torture as away of handling suspects. We would like to inform UN that suspects with injuries of Torture can be araigned in courts of law and nothing is done to query what happened.

It’s absurd that Uganda also pretends to be commemorating this day yet they do the contrary.

We would like to ask the government of Uganda to honour the laws prohibiting Ugandans to be Tortured. By now we would not be having police officers breaking into people’s houses and starts beating them.

In Uganda we still have safe Hoses where people are Tortured from.

Kiirya Ismail