Egumire January 30, 2024

Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) released the PLE results on last week on Thursday at 11 a.m. This has followed jubilations between schools, parents and pupils.

But according to the released results, it has been confirmed that Kampala was the best and top-performing district in PLE, followed by Wakiso then Masaka and Mukono municipality which means that most pupils in those schools scored 4-6 aggregates.

In this regard, if you try to look at the schools that performed well in those schools they private, which raises a question why are they private schools? The second question is why are the best performing schools in Kampala and surrounding?

Should we say that Kampala and Wakiso represents the whole Uganda?.

Government should work on it’s schools because it’s the worst performing schools in Uganda, not every body can take a kid to a private school.

So the schools owned by government are not being jubilated, those jubilated are in cities, municipalities and different towns.

Government has totally disregarded it’s schools and and it’s the schools working on themselves because of the following;

Automatic promotion.

In government schools every pupil has to be promoted whether has failed or not. Now which candidate are you grooming if that’s the case.

Secondly the fees paid to these pupils. The government pays 7000 Shs on paper then 5700 Ug shs for every child per in actual Year which means that every quota schools get 1900 UG shs and they jubilate that they’re paying for children.

Njeru stock Farm
Last Tuesday we read a story in New vision indicating that Gen. Kahinda otafiire took over Njeru stock farm evicting the National Animal Genetic Resources center and Data Bank.

It is said that during the eviction, the farm Manager Madam Carol Wabula was also arrested and handed over to police.

Njeru stock farm is majorly the breeding center of superior dairy and beef cows and it’s meant to serve the whole Eastern Uganda.

However as Democratic party we want to congratulate him for taking over the farm since this brings out the real reason why president Museven and his group struggled to capture power.

However we want to encourage the Minister to respect the rule of law in Uganda. Stop using security to fulfill your selfish interests, you’re the minister, complainant, law enforcer and the court at the same time?

The farm you’re claiming is a government farm, and you’re a serving minister who is instead meant to protect it not again stealing it.

If it was another person all government agencies name them Police, IGG, state House Anti corruption unit etc would be on ground, but since it’s an NRA fighter every body has folded the fingers.

If a farm belonging to government can be taken over now how secure are other farms, however we are not surprised because even President Museven took over Kisozi farm which was also a government facility.

Now the president will also not come out to condemn because he also knows he has a farm he stole from government.

Finally as Democratic party, the IGG, Parliament, Police etc, should not investigate in isolation, let every government stock farm be investigated about.

NRM Liberation Day 26th January

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) celebrated it’s 38th year ever since they captured power.

This year’s celebrations took place in Jinja in Wakitaka play ground in Jinja City. Unlike other previous celebrations, this year’s celebrations brought a one Moses Simbwa who confessed to the president that he was mislead to tarnish the governments name claiming that he was tortured yet he wasn’t.

According to Simbwa, he is an accident victim but he was paid by opposition to lie that he was a torture victim.

In a country which has democracy, Mr Moses Simbwa would be arrested by now and aligned to courts of law.

Mr Simbwa is the first prime suspect for tarnishing the government name. He has come out openly and confessed that he was hoodwinked and lied because of he was promised 1m UG shs.

We want to urge government not to just take that statement for granted because it still remains a crime in the laws of Uganda.

What if Mr Simbwa was given a bomb to take to a church and given 5m, are you aware that he could have taken it? If Simbwa was told to go and kill someone and given 10m for example, do you know that he would have done it.

Let’s not politicize this issue more so the NRM, Mr Simbwa is a threat this this country because he is most likely to do something bigger than what he revealed on your day.

Secondly let him name those who forced him to lie that he was tortured, I think he has that information.

On top of that he has information that opposition operates the drones which kidnaps people and you leave such a person to move freely. Let him tell the police more information on who exactly uses these drones.

Let’s not entertain this foolery because you want to impress the president and he gives you money.


Kiirya Ismail