Egumire October 31, 2023


The senior six candidates are starting their final exams next week Monday and we want to first of all congratulate all those set for the exams.

We want to appeal to UNEB to carry out the security measures for the exams because you have all the powers to protect them. Since you set them, keep them and move them let’s not assume that their will be rumours of malpractice.

If the malpractice is their kindly you’re the ones to blame.


We saw a letter from president Museven rejecting Hon. Fungaroo’s request to start the IDD AMIN’S INSTITUTE.

In his (Mr Museven) submission, IDD AMIN’S government was illegal because it had no right to install itself over our country. Farther more he Said president IDD AMIN’S committed alot of crimes of Killing Acholi people, lango soldiers among others.

As Democratic party we want to appeal to the president of Uganda H. E. Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museven to reduce on the personal hatred on his predecessors. His personal hatred can’t be reflected on the whole country, we do agree that president IDD AMIN had some issues in respect of funder mental Human right, Rule of law and constitutionalism.

However that doesn’t alter Uganda’s history to have had him (IDD AMIN) as our former president. If you want to succeed in this then scrap him as a former president so that we do away with him as a former president.

But if you can’t do this then, Uganda will never stop from recognizing him as a former president of Uganda.

President IDD AMIN in his ignorant way of leadership as you referred to him, he was able to bring back the economy of the country, constructed the Uganda’s satelight in Mpoma, build oil reserves among others.

In other words to plant a seed of hatred on the former presidents because even you any time you will become a former president. Will you be fine if we also bring out the attrocities you comiitted while coming into leadership.

By the way president IDD AMIN in his 8 year rule did things which Uganda would have attained in 40 years.

At the moment we building a situation of reconciliation including the former presidents, but if you don’t want it then you are most likely to face it rough when you leave power because in some people’s faces you could be worse than President IDD AMIN.


We have seen opposition MPs boycotting parliament four times in the period of two weeks in the protest of government’s aparent disregard for human rights violations in the country.

We want to appeal to government to look into the reasons for the MPs protests. Human rights violations is now in open and security has made it a point to violate human Rights in a Broad day light.

The speaker should critically look into the issue and address it, let him balance the floor to even opposition MPs to speak about these issues openly.

We want to also quotion the Prime minister Nabanja Robinah Musafiri to always be prepared when coming to speak at the floor of Parliament. If his appointing authority didn’t brief her about her position of the Prime minister let president Museven try to take him through a brief.

A Prime minister is leader of government business so any state you utter at the floor of Parliament, she is speaking on behalf of government.

These issues got escalated after the prime minister saying that government had Kibalama in their custody then at the same time she coming to say that she is not the arresting authority.

As Democratic party we are just appealing to the government to have unconditional release of all the political prisoners who were imprisoned in the last National elections and have never appeared in court, because we are speaking about Kibalama but we have many political prisoners who don’t have any to be talked about.

We want also want to appeal to our MPs that this time let this demonstration be concluded with positive results. Don’t leave it on the way like the previous demonstrations.


Kiirya Ismail
UYD PRESIDENT/ Ag spokesperson