Egumire April 10, 2024

Ramathan has so far reached to the climax according to the Islamic calendar. Today marks the last day of fasting and tomorrow all Muslims will be celebrating Idd ELFITR which is celebrated after Ramadan.

As Democratic party we want to congratulate all the Muslims for completing the month of Ramathan successfully. We want to continue encouraging all Muslims to continue with the good work of sharing, giving the needy, praying among others because the make the whole country peacefully.



The Opposition leadership in parliament has presented a 43 trillion Alternative Budget for the 2024/2025 financial year which was presented by the Leader of Opposition in Parliament Hon. Joel Ssenyonyi.

We want to inform the leader of opposition that opposition is made up of parties in parliament on opposition. Such initiatives Should bring together all opposition parties to work together and see what to do. But we saw the launch from social media and even no invite was extended to DP, didn’t see UPC L, FDC, PPP etc.

Electronic Fiscal Receipting and invoicing solution ( EFRIS )

Yesterday Monday 8th/04/2024 we saw Several traders in Kampala not open their shops in protest against what they describe as unfair taxes imposed by the government as well as growing competition from Chinese businessmen.

Most of their issues are against the unfair tax policy on EFRIS, the digital tax verification method being used by URA, the 18 percent VAT, and allowing foreigners to engage in similar businesses like Ugandans.

We want to add on the voices of the business men that they are not against EFRIS but they are against the unjust implementation of EFRIS.

First of all this is a digital system which is not known by these traders, has URA taken an initiative of sensitizing these traders about this EFRIS??.

On top of the above the have complained about the double taxing using this EFRIS, these traders purchase cement for example from Tororo cement, they bring it to their shop then URA comes in the shop to re- audit the shops and again impose another tax. Isn’t that a double tax??

Is their any commodity which leave a factory when not taxed?? URA come out and clarify this!!

We do request URA to sensitive the traders properly and erectify what they’re referring to as unjust because these are the reasons why URA is existing. URA has theories and the traders are practical so let’s accommodate each other to learn from the other more for better service delivery.

Secondly let the President of the Republic of Uganda provide time for these traders just he gives time to Chinese.


Kiirya Ismail