Egumire February 13, 2024



The EC has released a road map for the bye election of the district woman Representative to parliament and local government councilors as well.

The bye election will commence with the update of the National voters register from Monday 12th to Thursday 15th February, 2024 at update stations in each of the seventy-one (71) parishes/wards in Dokolo District.

As Democratic party we would like to call all members who would wish to contest for the position to Express interest at the party headquarters.

In case there’s any member who would wish to run on the DP ticket the door is open at the party headquarters.

This is an opportunity to add on the number of MPs in parliament and we welcome any female member who would wish to contest on the DP ticket.


Last week on Wednesday the Deputy Speaker RT Hon. Thomas Tayebwa ordered to punish schools which charge exorbitant fees to parents.

This came after our press conference on Tuesday where the Party gave a comment on the too much fees being charged not only in private but even government schools.

We want to remind the Deputy Speaker that government has no law on regulations for school fees in schools.

Speaking about it doesn’t do any impact, we need a law regulating school fees Mr speaker sir, let all those charging exorbitantly come out and explain what do they charge for.

We are aware that government doesn’t have any will to regulate because they own these schools.

Since there is no any will from government, Uganda Young Democratics (UYD) will petition the office of the speaker to bring the Maximum fees payment in schools.

We need an amount which can not be charged above in all schools so that it’s on record other than just speaking about it and leave it there.


There was a hot debate in parliament about the Sugar Amendment Bill 2023. This bill comes after an Act was passed in 2020 an created a Board as a regulatory organ.

The government is now proposing the council, which will be funded by a sugar levy charged on millers.

This sparked off the debate and the it was differed to this Tuesday after hearing from the Attorney General.

We want to request government to handle this bill very carefully otherwise it may not solve any intended objective.

Remember the bill needs to regulate the sugar industry in the country more so on the prices of sugar at a factory price.

The Board proposed before was to be funded by government which could fairly regulate the sugar industry very well. This therefore means that it will be independent since the millers will be controlled by government.

But changing the Board to a council which will be funded by a Levy charged on the millers then you have not helped the Sugar industry.

This means that the sugar Farmers will be left at the mercy of the millers since they will have Powers at the council. The millers can decide to increase the fund or decrease the fund basing on how the council will appease them.

We want to remind government that the Sugar industry contributes alot to the consolidated fund, it therefore deserves to be funded by government.

This is the only thing which NRM government can do for Busoga for the 38 years they have led the country, Cotton was disorganized, powerful factories were transfered, the Jinja Express way has failed to take off, now what’s wrong with funding the sugar board which contributes to the consolidated fund yet you fund some agencies which don’t contribute any thing.


Government is in plan to merge all state enterprises in the country. Recently parliament has refused to have that Omni bus initiative of merging the State enterprises at once.

But when the NRM caucus sat recently, it opted to merge all state enterprises.

This is not a good gesture because it’s going to cripple the government funds and services to the public.

Most of the government enterprises give better services than the ministries, they’re less beaurecracy in enterprises than the ministries. It’s even hard to register a financial scandal in an enterprise because they work to protect their names.

Enterprises like UNRA attracts even some external funds which helps in it’s work. We should therefore add them more funds than making them a desk in the ministry.

If government wants to merge, let it do it on it’s ministries which are there just to employ disgruntled NRM caders for example the ministry of karamoja, it should be merged back to the office of the prime Minister.

What’s the use of making it independent where the public comes to know it’s Minister when there is a ” Mabaati scandal “. Hon. Goret Kitutu became famous in the Mabaati scandal that what she does.

General Duties minister, what does she do??, her redundancy even made her to conflict with her boss on a trip imagine. There’s Minister without portfolio what are there roles? It’s like having an MP without constituency, let’s have full Ministries and let all these be put back to the office of the prime Minister.

This will help to cut the number of ministers, there is no need of having 80 ministers and all have government cars, consume fuel etc.

At the moment president Museven to have a Cabinet meeting needs Namboole stadium because of the number.

This therefore can help government fullfil it’s purpose of reducing costs on government.


Kiirya Ismail