Egumire February 20, 2024

Petition to the Speaker
Last week UNEB released the UCE results and we saw many jubilations in schools for good performance.

Just like the S1s, schools have continued to charge the exorbitant fees to parents because there is no any law regulating them.

As Uganda Young Democrats (UYD), we are today the 20th/02/2024 petitioning the speaker to bring the Minimum and a Maximum school fees charge which will cut a cross the country. But schools right now have a liberty to think of any amount to increase every term without hesitation.

We therefore request parliament to receive this petition and also invite us as Uganda Young Democrats to present our detailed report on why we think we need a maximum fees pay in Uganda.


We have laws like the investment code Act 2019 as Amended and immigration Act which give foreigners Liberty to come and invest and operate in Uganda.

Art 18 gives them liberty to only stick to what they have been licensed to do.

However there is a misuse of the Trade order in the country where we see many investors who are licensed to only produce products but they end up being suppliers as well and vendors.

For example investors who produce gamboots, they’re now known producers, suppliers and at the same time middle men where they reach to the final consumer as far as Karamoja.

On our surprised government gives them more protection compared to the local suppliers and business men.

On top of the above we have some investors who vend cookers, ovens, and other electrical appliances for to door amidst the government wach.

We want to worn government that what you’re allowing to happen in your country is very dangerous to the economy, this can’t happen in China or S. Africa.

But why are you allowing it here which the current economic hardships the business men are going through?

Many businesses men and women pay licences to supply but you have allowed the manufacturers to supply. Now where do you want them to go and why are you licencing them??

On top of that, these business men and women pay abnormal rates in rent which is not recorded and buildings belong to some government officials.

In this way building owners give fake receipts which don’t have the exact money paid to land lords.

And property rates are charged basing on how much the tenants pay, now which exact amount is used to fix the property and ground rates.

We are calling up on government to come out and save the business in Uganda other wise you have deliberately killed it because you know what’s happening but you’re failing to act.

The other issue is about too much taxes which are directed to the local people than the foreigners, for example a
We are now hearing KACITA is organizing a demonstration on 8th March 2024. But why to wait for the demonstration when you can act.

Kiirya Ismail