Okoler Opio October 26, 2021

The Democratic Party successfully concluded a three-day retreat of members of Parliament and members of the National Executive Council at Esella Country Hotel, the retreat mooted strategies of rejuvenating and constructing a robust Party.

Democratic Party moves to rally Ugandans for a referendum on the question of bail

The Democratic Party wishes to communicate that, as the chief crusaders and proponents of protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms we have resolved in an extraordinary meeting of the National Executive Council (NEC) to protect article 23(6)a, b and c of the constitution from being attacked by the regime. We have delivered a letter to the Electoral Commission seeking to motion the right of citizens to ask for a referendum. We note that removing the right to bail and or to apply for bail contravenes the laws of natural justice, one is condemned guilty before trial.

We strongly believe that the people of Uganda should determine whether or not the right to bail is scrapped. Let the people of Uganda choose, in a few weeks to come we shall traverse the country gathering at least two million signatures of registered voters petitioning the electoral commission to organise a referendum regarding the question of bail whereafter court will be petitioned to bar Parliament from discussing the matter that is scheduled for a referendum.

DP Condemns terrorist attacks

The Democratic Party strongly condemns the terrorist attacks that targeted a local eatery at Komamboga in Kampala and a bus en route to Bushenyi. We express our solidarity with the victims of these attacks that caused death and injuries.

We wish to underscore the fact that these attacks are further evidence of the ever-present threat of terrorism in our country and region. Some time back, the United Kingdom issued a warning about the likelihood of terrorist attacks in Uganda. The government of Uganda did not appear to take this warning seriously by alerting citizens about measures to detect such threats. As a result, the measures currently being announced should have been put in place immediately after getting the intelligence warning from the United Kingdom. No warning about terrorist threats should be ignored.

We, therefore, call for a comprehensive assessment of terrorist threats to Uganda and our national responses to terrorist threats.

DP Releases Roadmap for EALA primary election
The Democratic Party NEC resolved that the internal process leading to the identification of EALA candidates should begin on November 15th and 16th, 2021with nomination of candidates, it was resolved that all applicants should present four people coming from different regions of the country. The internal elections will be held on December 6th, 2021 when members of NEC who form the electoral college will convene.
Thank you.

Hon. Richard Lumu
Deputy Legal Advisor