Egumire September 5, 2023


Four days ago William Popp was appointed new US ambassador to Uganda.

Popp’s appointment was announced by the U.S. Mission in Uganda on their Twitter/X handle on Friday, September 1, 2023.

As Democratic party we would like to congratulate Mr William Popp for this new assignment and wish you a good stay in Uganda.

As Democratic party we shall plan a visit to you at the embassy to strengthen our deplomatic relations with you and the Embassy.

On Sunday Police foiled a bomb attack on a church in at a church of Pastor Kayanja in Ndeeba.

Yesterday another bomb was found in a lodge and also detonated.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the police for the quick response an action which saved millions of people in and around the church.

But as Democratic party we would like to query where is the security to understand the plans of these terrorists before even assembling the bombs.

The reason why security is given classified Budget is to invest in all kinds of security apparatuses which can detect a person who has plans to do such kinds of crimes.

It’s just unfortunate that our security understand to foil plans of opposition leaders than terrorists, should we say they slept on job because if that bomb blasted at the seen how many people would have died?

In 2021 as the president was nearing to swear in, the Police came out and told the public about a group which was planning to disorganize the swearing in, they even went farther to display cards claimed to have got from this group with words like “Tajjakulayira”.

Why can’t you indentify these terrorists at their initial stage.

We want to call upon the public to be more vigilant to one another, let’s not leave the issue to police because their capacity is to know when the bomb has been assembled and being taken to the seen.

So if these terrorists decide to blast these bombs immediately after assembling them, some of you will be victims.


Ever since the world bank put a stop on the new Ugandan loans, alot of proposals have come out to mitigate the crisis and one of them is to cut expenditures on the president’s office.

First of all as Uganda Young Democratics we are happy for world bank not to clear any other loan to Uganda because the public debt had become a Budden to us Ugandans more so Young people.

This the time now to see how Uganda moves through this new normal without loans.

However we should not only look at one Ministry of the President, if really we are serious about this let’s look at each and every institution in the three arms of government that is parliament, Judiciary and Executive.

Kiirya Ismail