Egumire December 5, 2023

The Minister of state of internal affairs Gen. David Muhoozi presented a report on the missing persons which has been demanded by the opposition by a very long time.

The Minister of State for Internal Affairs, Gen. David Muhoozi told Parliament that most of the alleged missing persons have never been reported to the police.

He was presenting a statement on the alleged enforced disappearance of persons during the plenary sitting on Wednesday, 29 November 2023.

Muhoozi was responding to a statement by the Leader of the Opposition (LOP), Mathias Mpuuga, on the shrinking civic space and enforced disappearances.

The minister, who presented the statement signed by his senior minister, Maj. Gen. (Rtd) Kahinda Otafiire, said that it is the law and official practice, that for one to be declared a missing person, a missing person’s report must be filed.

“This can only be done with the police, which was not done, and which is still being resisted by the people approached,” Muhoozi said.

He added that some cases where Mpuuga attributed alleged disappearances to security operatives had been reported earlier by the relatives of these people as unwitnessed disappearances.

“The cases of Kasumba George and Kisembo Godfrey fall in this category. For the case of Kibalama John Bosco, his vehicle was reportedly found abandoned along the road, and all the belongings that he had at the time, were intact in the vehicle, including a mobile phone, laptop and an iPad,” said Muhoozi.

We thank Government to finally respond to the demand of the opposition though it came after along time. I think now the opposition has learnt a lesson that next time we need to be tactical when boycotting.

The report received is not what was expected despite the time and energy invested in demanding for it.

They made you move out of Parliament and they passed a law which is controversial and now they have presented to you a report which doesn’t have use.

As the opposition we thought Gen. Muhoozi would have presented a footed of Mr Senteza who jumped off a car as claimed then he was knocked.

We thought you can tell us when did Kibalama leave this country and also give us a real direction where exactly he is in Canada because you have that capacity.

Let Government just come out and apologize than playing these tricks because you have openly violated the human rights in Uganda.

The unnecessary Expenditures of Government

Dubai is hosting COP28 which is the informal name of the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to be held this year in Dubai.

COP24 aims to bring together experts and influencers leading the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals around the world for a series of high-level discussions on the interlinkages between climate change and the 2030 Agenda.

Uganda took a delegation of 60 participants and these include pharmacists, enterprises among others.

This means that the aim is not the stipulated purpose of the conference but to just to give trips to people, what’s the use of a pharmacist in a climate change conference. When you critically go on ground to find out in the conference, they are in bars and happening places.

The E. African games have started recently in Rwanda, we are now going to witness an absentia in parliament in disguise of going to support E. African games. Each MP will be given over 37m to go and support woodball, pulling ropes among others.

State House is requesting a supplementary budget of 100b, what is this for at this early stage. Let them give us accountability on what they were allocated before. In other words state House doesn’t need any supplementary at the moment, it’s the Ministry of health and Education which needs this supplementary because it’s understandable.

International Day of AIDS

1st December is a day to commemorate the international day on AIDS.

The report shows that 70 youth people contract HIV on the daily basis and these are young people on secondary schools. This means that most of the Young people are exposed and a vulnerable to AIDS.

Ladies and gentlemen let’s not hide away from the truth, these young people understand sexual intercourse more than us the parents, they can even educate you.

We need to Sensitize our young people in this era because they are much informed than us the old.

We need to carry out a mass HIV testing in these secondary schools so that they can know there statuses.


Kiirya Ismail
UYD PRESIDENT/ Ag party spokesperson