Egumire April 26, 2023


We have heard that Government has managed to remove Our Diplomats and other Ugandans from Sudan but we could like to bring attention to the Government that their many Ugandans how have managed to move out of Sudan via South Sudan but we have received information that they don’t have what to eat and stranded. We call upon ministry of foreign affairs and our embassy in South Sudan to make arrangements to bring back all Ugandans stranded there.

We still have students, tourists, business men etc who are still strunded in Sudan. The way we evacuated the diplomats is the same way we should use to evacuate these people.


Yesterday Monday 24th/04/2023 we saw a group of medical interns demonstrating about two issues;

  1. Deployment
  2. Increase on their salary.

Their attempts went futile as they were matching to parliament to petition the speaker when the police intercepted them.

The group which was gathered in Mulago guest house were prevented from holding the press conference.

As Uganda Young Democratics and Democratic party we condemn the police of brutally arresting these medical interns. The issues they are presenting are not their issues alone but for all of us. Secondly if we continue arresting them then you’re shooting yourselves in the foot because these are the people you, your cousins, wives, children, friends etc will find in the medical facilities working on you.

Currently in Uganda the ratio of doctors to patients is 1: 20,000 which is contrary to the WHO which recommends 1: 1000.

In most of the government hospitals it’s these interns who work more than the doctors. Now one of their issue is deployment an act which they pleading to go and work on the overwhelming numbers in the hospitals.

We are therefore requesting police to divert this energy to the iron sheet thieves than these innocent people.

We are therefore calling upon government to come out quickly and address these medical intern issues just like they do to issues of State House and so on.

We do understand most of the countries Money goes to thieves but we can handle them like teachers, on the issues of salaries you can increase quarterly until there preferred amount is reached.

As Democratic Party we dought whether government can afford to get money to construct schools in Tanzania and fail to get money for these medical interns.


We would like to commend Dr spire Ssentongo for this initiative, it started as a joke but it even brought out the Grand father out of his office.

These potholes are not only in Kampala but all over the country. The reason why we have alot of potholes and bad roads in Uganda most especially Kampala is because of the high cost of maintaining these roads. In Kampala 1km costs between 9-15 billion shillings. And UNRA uses 5bn for a Kilometer, what’s so special with KCCA. Let’s have a uniform figure to construct the roads or move slightly above for KCCA but not exaggerating everything.

Now can now see that the 6 billions which the president gave in to support the process is just a peanut according to KCCA.

Let’s try to benchmark from our neighbours in Kenya and Tanzanian, The late Magufuli constructed 34000km in 6 year, Uhuru did 20,000km in 10 years. For the 38 years Uganda has had 1 president could only make not more than 20,000km because of the high level of corruption.

We saw the proposal for 1bn still but it’s still little, increase the budget of KCCA from 349bn to 800bn or a Trillion.

Madam Musisi used to have 800bn as her Budget why not Madam Kisaka.

Statehouse has 400bn, president’ s house has 200bn should we say it’s more important than the roads.

Let’s not exaggerate the amounts of constructing road to be able to construct and maintain more roads.

Kiirya Ismail