Egumire June 20, 2023


Democratic party more so the Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) is deeply saddened by the cowardly and insensitive attack on the young people of Lhubirira Secondary school in kasese district.

According to security it was confirmed that suspected ADF Rebels attacked Lhubirira secondary school in Mpondwe village and killed over 40 young people and 3 adults, 8 severely injured and over 30 abducted.

We condole with the families of the victims and continue to pray for the abducted to be found and given a safe heaven.

We strongly condemn the act and call upon the government to offer solutions to all the insecurities in Uganda today because we believe that the attack on the young people is an attack on the future of our country.

As Uganda Young Democratics we have noticed a big criminal negligence because security is one of the entities which gets alot of money including classified budget .

So how come that this happened in their absentia, the incidence happened 800m away from karambe police station and 1.5 km from the Army barracks.

Our biggest question is where were all these security operatives.

It’s said that the people who attacked were more than 20 people and this could not be foreseen by our security? which has the RDC, DISO, PISO etc.

It’s now clear that our security works as a fire brigade instead of fire preventers. We can now see all sorts of Army trucks in kasese stationed doing what now. This could have been their before.

We are requesting this time security to give us a concrete report so that we know the exact number of children killed, injured and abducted because we are confused with the various reports coming from different people.

President reported 37 killed, New vision government news paper said 41, in the other instance first lady reported that the attack is out of disagreements of the school, the president say it’s ADF.

Let us hope we shall not have false numbers of dead people like those in the Omusinga palace and all other killings which happened in the national campaigns.

Lastly We also call upon the government to immediately rescue those abducted with immediate effect and also explain to Ugandans why it is failing to protect Ugandans as one of it’s mandates.

This years budget still we are seeing security dorminating the lion’s share where it was allocated 3.8Tn and followed by UNRA with 2.4Tn while agriculture which we thought it could top was allocated 1.6Tn shs.

This budget helps the people in government more than the citizens. Agriculture is the sector which could have got the lion’s share in this year’s budget because it has a multiplier effect on all sectors. It’s absurd that government has no capacity to supply food Incase bad weather hits us.

Let’s try to prioritize what benefits us more than those benefiting government officials. We saw Ministry of finance allocated 114 bn for only internal travels which is absurd.


Kiirya Ismail