Okoler Opio November 30, 2021

Local Government Elections

Democratic Party congratulates all candidates that have so far been successfully nominated to contest for various local government positions in the ongoing electioneering process.

We wish to emphasize that unless otherwise agreed Democratic Party will have a candidate for every elective position in the ongoing elections both at the local government and parliamentary level.

I wish to communicate that yesterday, the party leadership led by the Secretary-General and the Vice President Buganda- Region spent the whole day in Kayunga district officiating the nomination of our flag bearer for LCV Chairman, Mr Waddimba Anthony which was deferred to today a process he has successfully undergone through.

While in Kayunga district, we noted with concern the utmost level of intrigue employed by the security personnel to the extent that some aspirants were denied access to the nomination ground by the police. Likened to the 2021 general elections the byelection in Kayunga district has been taken over by the State, we noted many state forces at play in this byelection as such we don’t expect fairness in the contest, the ground is already not levelled.

Therefore, we wish to warn the security organs manning the Kayunga byelection that this is not going to be an easy pie for you to swallow, we come to this byelection equipped with the utmost level of resolve to counter any manner of state terrorism in pursuit of defending the voice of the people which shall be made manifest through balloting.

To the people of Kayunga district, The Democratic Party being the champion of protecting fundamental human rights, we are without a doubt that our candidate, if allowed to serve at the level of District Chairperson, shall diligently motion the people-centred values for which the Democratic Party stands including the aforementioned.


Democratic Party continues to state unequivocally that the Government of Uganda has not substantially invested in the country’s health sector, we have beautiful buildings constructed and named health centres but when such buildings lack adequate staff to offer health services to the people.

Suffice to note is that, even the few health workers saving lives in these health facilities are underpaid but also ill-equipped with medical wares, the medical supplies by National Drug Authority get depleted in the first week or thereabouts which leaves the health workers stranded, available for work but without drugs. This prompts them to advise patients to buy their drugs from the pharmacies, of course sometimes, from their pharmacies and expensively, this does not only yoke the common man and woman, the ordinary Ugandan with a burden of medical bills but also broods corruption in the system.

The ongoing industrial action by Doctors is about addressing these issues, and we advise that government should accord it the due attention required. The Doctors are saying, let the government fill the staffing gap of over 40% in the health sector by recruiting more Doctors into the health system so that each HCIV and General Hospital has at least 2 and 8 Doctors respectively, they are asking the government to supply enough medical wares to health facilities that can hold until the next supply, the Doctors are seeking to have a good working environment and motivation to serve Ugandans better, they seek to be paid a fee that is commensurate with the services they offer.

Democratic Party believes and strongly so that these are legitimate demands that the government should address. Why would a medical officer in Uganda earn Ugx.1,176000 and yet their counterparts in Kenya and Tanzania earn an equivalent of Ugx 8,265,775 and 4,900,000 respectively, a consultant in Uganda earns Ugx. 2,628,075 and yet their counterparts in Kenya and Tanzania earn an equivalent of Ugx. 14,454,411 and 11,616,090 respectively, lastly a senior consultant in Uganda earns Ugx. 3,447,056 and yet in Kenya and Tanzania a senior consultant earns an equivalent of Ugx. 18,958,859 and 15,236,036 respectively.

Democratic Party demands that the government of Uganda should resolve the issues raised by the health workers, the government should stop public relations, we shouldn’t bask our heads under the sand and assume we are safe that only serves to postpone the problem as Ugandans continue to die in health facilities.

Okoler Opio Lo Amanu
0700727704 / 0775107003