Okoler Opio March 29, 2022

Democratic Party continues to commiserate with the family, friends, in-laws and the people of Uganda on the demise of the Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah L’Okori.

We note that the circumstances surrounding his death continue to polarize opinions which have buttressed our demand that the government releases a comprehensive medical report detailing the cause of his death, this will allay the fears and set still the controversies as opposed to the piecemeal method of releasing information appearing concomitantly with threats from government.

The death of Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah L’ Okori highlights two aspects in the body politic of our country, and these shall form the basis of our conversation in this press conference vizly,

Conciliation Through National Dialogue

Democratic Party has been at the forefront of seeking reconciliation through a national dialogue, following the history of our country that is tainted with the utmost level of violence, vengeance and viciousness the country needs a platform to clear the underlying sentiments, sentiments created by actions of our forefathers but manifesting through our actions and words must be addressed outright.

As a country we are in the moment of truth, we cannot avoid the national conversation. The actions and accusations understood by many as tribal undertones are but a clear indication that we need a national dialogue. This dialogue calls for truth telling, tolerance, creation of a broad centre of politics and the abolition of politics of radicalism.

The Rt. Hon Jacob Oulanyah has been spoken of as the glue that was holding the greater north together, he has left a legacy of reconciliation as such, we desire that his death keeps us stronger as a people, it shouldn’t divide us. Let us accord him a befitting send-off.

That said, Democratic Party renews its call for National Dialogue as a platform where we shall rest our sentiments, dishonesty, speculations, polarization and begin anew.

In a special way, we salute the Katikiro of Buganda Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga for setting the tone that the conversation should take.

Radicalization of Politics

Democratic Party denounces the politics of stigmatization, tribalism and violence, the politics of ostracizing the people with whom you don’t share political beliefs. This has subsisted for quite sometime now, it is taking center stage of our body politic.

It is our considered view that the politics of radicalism founded on hatred shouldn’t be accorded space in our country, it is bad, it is breaking our cultural establishments, it is breaking our cultural norms, for instance, why would one even think of stopping another from attending a burial ceremony?, at worst why would mourners chase away fellow mourners with whom they don’t share political views? This is not African! We do relish “Ubuntu” in Africa.

Unfortunately, all these things happen in the silence of opinion leaders both political and apolitical. The cultural leaders as the custodians of culture should condemn what threatens the existence of what they were entrusted with, religious leaders and elders should speak out otherwise our country is headed for destruction.

Thank you

Okoler Opio Lo Amanu
Spokesperson, DP
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