Okoler Opio October 27, 2021

The Democratic Party NEC resolved that the internal process leading to the identification of EALA candidates should begin on November 15th and 16th, 2021with nomination of candidates, it was resolved that all applicants should present four people coming from different regions of the country. The internal elections will be held on December 6th, 2021 when members of NEC who form the electoral college will convene.

There are many members of DP who have so far shown interest in running for EALA on DP sponsorship these among others include, the Vice President of DP in charge of Northern Uganda Hon. Alitia Elia, Party Treasurer General Hon. Babirye Kabanda, Secretary-General Hon. Gerald Siranda, Vice President of DP in charge of Buganda Region Hon. Fred George Kagimu, National Vice-Chairman Hon. Opoka Simon, Secretary for International & Diaspora affairs Hon. Lyandro Komakech, President of DP Women’s League Hon. Aisha Waliggo Nuluyati, former Parliamentary candidate for Ngora District Hon. Namusana Faith, former Parliamentary candidate for Njeru Municipality Hon. Wansala Richard, former Parliamentary candidate for Nakawa East Constituency Hon. Keeno Charles Ronny and Hon. Rukumbuka Briens.

The party, therefore, encourages all members interested in contesting for EALA under Democratic Party sponsorship to begin preparation for the nominations. The election guidelines will be communicated soon