Okoler Opio November 2, 2021

Democratic Party is set to launch three faceted public information campaigns intended to mobilize Ugandans to resist the scrapping off of the judicial power to grant bail.

Firstly, we are in the final stages of drafting the guiding brochure for members of the public to appreciate why they should determine whether bail is scrapped off in capital offences or not. Ugandans should realize that the intended amendments will deprive them of their liberty and we as Democratic Party, have a responsibility to remind them of their power over the sitting government. We choose referendum because oftentimes members of Parliament have betrayed the will of the people ipso facto we wrote to the electoral commission seeking an appointment with them to discuss the intended referendum. We shall meet the electoral commission next week on a day yet to be confirmed.

Secondly, we are drafting the talking points to be shared amongst the change seekers and the volunteers that will offer themselves to deliver the message to the people all over the country, this will enable us to have a similar message. We also intend to visit various other key players including the political parties, formations, individuals, civil society, the business community, religious fraternities to discuss the idea of a referendum as a means of engaging Ugandans on the question of bail.

Thirdly, we shall write to members of Parliament inviting them to be part of the team that is to mobilize Ugandans to reject the removal of discretionary power to grant bail from the judicial officers and the grant of police bond to suspected capital offenders

Ugandans should know that fighting for constitutionalism and rule of law is our area of specialization and the party is prepared to pursue all available remedies to thwart the said impugned amendment should government insist on pushing it.