Okoler Opio February 1, 2022

Democratic Party has heard several voices of anguish and pain from many of our children taken to UAE as domestic workers, many have died under mysterious circumstances, several have had their internal body organs removed ipso facto causing permanent disabilities to them.

Unfortunately, even in the abundance and glaring of evidence, the government has not demonstrated agility in holding to account the agencies through which the victims got employed abroad. We are aware that most of these agencies are owned by “big boys & girls” in government so they can kill whatever manner of investigations but for the sake of the lives of our children, stop trading them as slaves, take the initiative to establish and ensure the safety of our children, don’t only focus on making humongous sums of money.

Since it is the responsibility of government to protect her citizens and their properties, the government has a duty to protect our children that are exported as domestic workers to the UAE therefore the Democratic Party is going to write to the Ministry of Labour, Gender and Social Development seeking a meeting with the Minister where we shall table a number of recommendations in regard to addressing the challenge of mistreatment of Ugandans in UAE. We shall accord the minister ample time to implement the recommendations the failure of which shall animate the party machinery to take further action.

Lastly, we demand that the government of Uganda establishes a legal framework with sharp sanctions to directly or otherwise curtail Human organ trafficking, a business that many labour export agencies are engaged in.

Thank you

Okoler Opio Lo Amanu

Spokesperson DP