Okoler Opio February 22, 2022

DP Women’s League Calls For Amendement Of Electoral Laws Governing Election of Women Councils

The women of the Democratic Party are much concerned about the road map released by the electoral commission for the election of the women councils. We are much concerned about the law that operates on women.

We are cognizant of the fact that the national women council Act(cap 318) indicates the tenure of office for all women who comprise of the national council under section 24 (2) of the said act it is indicated that the tenure of office for women councils are four years.

It’s from that point of view that the women of the Democratic Party calls for the amendment of that law to allow representation for five years as is the case with other elective positions. There is no reason why women who contest as other special interest groups and village chairpersons are subjected to a four years term while their counter parts in other elective positions serve for five years.

Members of the DP Women’s League addressing at the press conference

This law is a test to all members of parliament as such we call upon their omnibus intervention without putting it out to only women parliamentarians.

We do put to task all parliamenterians including male members because women form majority part of the constituents therefore you ought to reward them by amending this discriminating law.

Even when members of parliament become reluctant to push for that amendment immediately, the women of the Democratic Party are prepared to lead the women of Uganda for a massive demonstration but also analysing the possibility of institution of a suit in court of law to coerce government to amend this discriminatory provisions of the law.
Therefore, the Democratic Party Women’s League demands that,
i.The electoral commission withdraws the issued out roadmap for election of Women leaders as the same in illegal as per the constitution.
ii.The speaker of parliament calls for an extra ordinary seating to ensure that the amendment process of s.24 (2)1 begins.
That said, I should state again that the Women’s league of Democratic Party is prepared to encounter the government by law and or otherwise.

DP Women’s League To Celebrate Victory Of The Chaiperson Of Speakers In Abim District Hon. Akongo Josephine. Democratic party Women’s League, we are happy to inform all the democrats about our road map for the months of February up to May.

All our activities are meant to rejuvenate the morale of our members and a kick start the process of our women candidate identification in preparation for 2026 election.

On 26th February we are heading to Karamoja sub region for celebrating with the Hon. Akongo Joserphine who has just won to be the chairperson of all speakers in Abim district. Abim district is in Karamoja sub region, this celebration is intended to be a platform for mobilising more women in Karamoja region to join Democratic Party.

Hon. Akongo Joserphine is one of the councillors that won on DP ticket in the region and was voted council speaker in Abim district.
6th March, we are meeting all women leaders from Acholi sub region
12th March, we shall be meeting with women leaders from greater Masaka sub region
18th March will be meeting women leaders from Busoga sub region
4th April we will be meeting women from the greater Mpigi sub region,
May we will be launching the women’s league charter, logo and other documents.

For God and My Country

Waliggo Aisha

President Democratic party women’s league. In truth and justice.