Okoler Opio December 11, 2021
Dr. Siranda’s banner raised at the Party Headquarters- City House

On Saturday 11, December 2021 the Secretary General of DP Dr. Siranda Gerald Blacks was voted by the members of the National Executive Committee of DP in a sitting held at DP Campaign Command Center-Balintuma Road to be the Party’s flag bearer in the EALA elections next year.

In the ordinary NEC sitting presided over by the Party’s National Chairman Dr. Kiwanuka Mayambala the two candidates that were present namely Hon. Babirye Kabanda the Treasurer General of the party and Siranda Gerald Blacks the Secretary-General started by campaigning to NEC members who constitute the voters in this regard.

Each ccandidate was given twenty minutes to convince the voters to cast votes in their favor and then ten minutes for each to answer the questions.

Democratic Party nominated three candidates for EALA flag bearer including Faith Namusana Akiteng, Hon. Babirye Kabanda and Siranda Gerald Blacks though only two candidates showed up on the voting day. Faith didn’t appear though she communicated why she didn’t appear, she said that there was some erand she had to run which took precedent over pursuing to become the DP EALA flag bearer in the elections scheduled for next year in the 11th Parliament.

In a tightly contested election Dr. Siranda Gerald Blacks won by only two votes over the twenty two votes garnered by Hon. Babirye Kabanda the first runner up. Siranda obtained twenty four votes.

Both candidates thanked the voters and pledged to work together for the betterment of Democratic Party.

The President General of the Democratic Party in his speech called for unity of the candidates and their supporters, he called them to remember that DP is big to accommodate everybody. The president also promised to be the chief campaigner of the flag bearer in the EALA elections scheduled for next year.

Dr. Siranda’s luncheon after being nominated on November 16 2021