About DP


In 1952, a group of young men some of whom were working at Makerere College got together and began thinking about forming a nationalist Party. Their motivation was the inequalities and unfairness that existed then in the governance of Uganda, DP was formed to establish leadership with truth and justice.

Our Motto

Truth and Justice

Values of DP

There are even values onto which DP is founded namely;

1 – Protection of fundamental Human rights

2- Constitutionalism and rule of law

3- Ensure Justice for all

4- Good and Democratic Governance through Institutions

5- Fighting Corruption and Nepotism

6- Protection of Vulnerable People

7- Protection of Customs and Traditional Institutions

Democratic Party (DP) is driven by the core values of an honest government, equal opportunity for economic advancement, and observance of basic Human Rights for all.

Democratic Party is a moderate Conservative Party referred to in global political terms as a center-right party whose formation was announced on October 6th, 1954 with Engineer Joseph Kasolo becoming the first president of the party for a period between 1954 and 1956.

The Party defined her Ideology and the aims in April 1960, in the first election manifesto made by the party called “Forward to Freedom”.

Democratic Party got the ideological inspiration from the Christian Democratic Parties of Europe and especially from that of West Germany.

Democratic Party is a human-centered political organization that considers human life to be inviolable.

Democratic Party’s basic commitment to the people is that of preserving human life.

The aims and objectives of Democratic Party are:-

(a) To provide for Uganda a humane and truly the party democratic government that will ensure domestic tranquility peaceful progress and general welfare and liberty for the people of Uganda;

(b) To promote and preserve unity among the people of Uganda and to imbue, intensify and maintain in them the spirit of nationalism and political consciousness;

(c) At all times to champion and preserve democracy in Uganda by establishing truly democratic institutions and a truly democratic government;

(d) At all times to fight for, protect and preserve the fundamental human rights and to observe, respect, and uphold the political, economic, social, and religious freedoms of the people in Uganda;

(e) To endeavor as far as possible to preserve the traditions, customs, and institutions of Uganda;

(f) To promote, establish and maintain good relations between Uganda and other African states and all nations working for peace, freedom, and progress of mankind;

(g) To support all peoples struggling for self-determination and freedom from oppression.

Duties of a member

a) To protect and further the solidarity and unity of the Party;

b) To protect the good name of the Party under all circumstances and to explain the policies of the Party;

c) To carry out the Party’s decision and directives;

d) To pay Party dues regularly and promptly;

e) To work hard, efficiently, honestly and obediently for the Party and to show a keen sense of responsibility, guided by the principles of the Party;

Rights of a member

a) To take part in Party activities;

b) If entitled, to attend meetings and freely express his views on all matters under discussion, and to vote according to his conviction;

c) To elect, and if qualified to be elected to the organs of the Party;

d) To be heard in person whenever a decision is to be taken regarding his activities or conduct;

e) To address any question or statement to any organ of the Party;

f) To appeal against any decision taken against him from his Party branch to the National Executive Committee or any appropriate appeal organ of the Party.