Okoler Opio November 13, 2021

Today the Democratic party National Treasurer who is also vying for the EALA seat on a DP ticket Babirye Mary Kabanda has pledged to dedicate her representation to the prosperity of the children, youths and women.
Kabanda pledged at her consultative meeting on EALA forthcoming elections held at Lwino Lusedde sub-county in Jinja rural District.

DP leaders from Eastern Uganda attending the meeting
In a meeting attended by DP NEC members and party District chairmen from the eastern region of Uganda Kabanda said with her vast knowledge and experience from Uganda's Parliament and several educational projects she undertakes she is the rightful choice for DP in the EALA.
District Chairpersons of DP and NEC members attending a consultative meeting in Jinja District

In the meeting that took place on Saturday 14th November, 2021 Kabanda emphasized advocating for the abolition of work permits and a uniform currency for the East African region. Members assured her their support due to her generosity in educating Uganda’s children Legislative experience and loyalty to the party.

The internal party nominations for EALA primaries will take place nextweek on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th, November beginning at 8am to 04pm and Hon. Kabanda fixed her nomination on Monday 15th.

There are other members of DP that have showed interest in the same seat these include the Secretary General of the party Dr. Siranda Gerald Blacks, Namusana Faith, Wansala Richard, the President DP Women’s league Aisha Waliggo, Keeno Ronney, the Vice President in charge of Buganda region Fred George Kagimu, Opoka Simon the National Vice Chairman of the Party and many others.