Okoler Opio November 2, 2021

Democratic Party wishes to add its voice to those calling for vigilance amongst the population, terrorists do not segregate as such all Ugandans must be conscious of what is around them and the people that they interact with, we wish to discourage those that think that it is only the people in Kampala metropolitan that are the target, everybody is a target of terrorists and can be a victim of the same.

It is our view that intensive sensitization of the masses is necessary, the current government should increase the media campaign so that Ugandans get to understand they are targets, also, since the relationship between the security organs and Ugandans is characterised by torture, corruption, bribery, inequality and unfairness; many people have reservations about the security personnel, this has always affected the effectiveness in combating crime. There is a need for a good working relationship between men and women in uniform with the civilians as this may ease the process of intelligence gathering.