Egumire July 21, 2021

I convey my greetings to all the Youth in our party – the Democratic Party. Since 2010 the
party has been on a path to mainstream the Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) as the official Youth Organ of
the party. An incessant and often divisive debate raged in the party for years with the aim of mainstreaming
the UYD as an integral part of the Democratic Party.

This became imperative and urgent when Uganda restored multi party democracy. There were those who wanted UYD to sever its relations with the mother party but these were but a loud minority who wanted UYD to operate like an NGO soliciting funds from overseas and spending it without oversight from the party. Yet from its founding the
patronage of UYD was vested in the Democratic Party! It’s registered address was the DP Headquarters. And even its postal address was the one belonging to DP. But the party leadership decided that the debate should rage on until a consensus would be built and then the constitution of the party would be amended to rename the Youth Organ of the party as UYD, allow the Youth in DP to organize themselves within DP as a semi autonomous organ of
the party with its own constitution and structure answerable to the mother party.

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