Egumire August 17, 2022

Fellow Ugandans especially members of DP, we regret the incident that happened today morning at the DP campaign command center -Balintuma Road where a group of people claiming to be members of DP led by Buikwe South MP Hon. Lulume Bayiga invaded the party offices with intentions yet unknown.

Kindly consider the same as an act of indiscipline from the said member of parliament. Though being a party premise there is an established procedure that at least is known to members of DP to access and use it for any function, this was not followed ipso facto the leadership regrettably learnt of the incident after it had occurred.

Democratic Party leadership is committed to organize the venue for party members who wish to utilize the party premises for among others holding functions.

We shall gladly organize when they reorganise.

Thank you.

Okoler Opio Lo Amanu
0700727704 / 0775107003