Egumire November 7, 2023

For immediate release
7 November 2023

DP, as a Party believes in strong institutions as pillars of thriving societies. In similar vein, political parties are the institutional pillars that build and sustain multiparty democracy in Uganda. Our nascent democracy is threatened by strange formations that destabilize both old and new political parties at the critical time of elections.

We have noted how the enemies of multiparty democracy operate in each election cycle. They posture as disgruntled or aggrieved members of their respective political parties to lay ground for the formation of a pressure group. This movement against multiparty democracy started with the formation of the Reform Agenda in NRM, followed by TJ and Ssuubi pressure groups in DP. TJ and Ssuubi used the UYD Reunions to destabilize DP and form a significant part of the NUP. We can predict the same trend this coming election cycle with several aggrieved members across several opposition parties. In DP we see the same people who are always involved in destabilizing the Party at the time of elections doing the same after the Electoral Commission released the national elections roadmap.

It has come to our attention that there are some people under a formation dubbed the Union of UYD Alumni that is going to UYD Chapters in tertiary institutions and also reaching out to many DP members in the community inviting them for the Grand Clarion Call event. This is to inform Democratic Party members, stakeholders and the general public that the Democratic Party and it’s youth league – the Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) – are not in any way associated with the Grand Clarion Call event organised by The Union of the UYD Alumni. The invitation bears an adulterated UYD logo and invited persons are asked to respond to the “UUA National Convenor Group” with the contact information of Lubega S. W. Mukaaku; Hon Michael Mabikke and Hon. Dr. Bayiga M. Lulume.

Mr. Lubega S. W. Mukaaku and Hon. Mabikke Michael are not members of the Democratic Party or UYD. Furthermore, whereas Hon. Lulume M. Bayiga is a member of DP, he is not a UYD member and has not been authorised to represent the party in any entity. The above-mentioned 3 persons are not authorized to represent the defunct DP Bloc either where the Democratic Party was a member.

This is to inform and warn our esteemed members, stakeholders, supporters and the general public that:

  1. The Youth League of Democratic Party is the only entity known as the Uganda Young Democrats (UYD). The UYD is currently led by Ismael Kiirya and Hellen Ashaba (as President and Deputy President respectively) and Barbara Alwoko Ikano and Agaba Esther (as Secretary and Deputy Secretary respectively). The Democratic Party does not know of and is not in any way associated with The Union of the UYD Alumni and the above event. Therefore, the above-mentioned persons who are masquerading as The Union of DP Alumni are not authorized to transact any business in the name of or on behalf of the Democratic Party or the Uganda Young Democrats.
  2. The DP Bloc which Mr. Lubega S. W. Mukaaku purports to represent ceased to exist. It was comprised of 3 political parties (namely DP led by Hon. Norbert Mao; SDP led by Hon. Michael Mabikke; and PDP led by Hon. Abed Bwanika) and a pressure group known as TJ led by Mr. Lubega S. W. Mukaaku. Sometime in August 2020 some members of the DP Bloc, including Lubega S. W. Mukaaku and Hon. Mabikke Michael, were aired on television and various other media, wearing red aprons inscribed with the words “DP Bloc joins NUP”. They declared that they had joined the National Unity Platform (NUP) and were at that function given NUP membership cards. This means that the entity known as DP Bloc ceased to exist. Therefore anyone who purports to be DP Bloc is nothing but a masquerader without capacity to commit the members of the defunct DP Bloc.

Lubega Samuel Walter Mukaaku recently boasted on a TV talkshow as “giving NUP 48 out of its 58 MPs”. These were candidates he fished from DP after participating in UYD Reunions and the DP Bloc. He has not been a DP member for a very long time. He always stood as an independent against DP candidates in Kawempe and Mawokota until recently when he stood for Rubaga South MP as SDP’s candidate. In 2011 he stood for President as an independent against DP flag bearer Hon. Norbert Mao. He is now up to his usual gimmicks using the name of UYD and DP Bloc as platforms to destabilize DP.

We accordingly warn our members and general public against dealing with these self-seeking enemies of progress of our multiparty democracy whose actions are working in favour of sustaining the ruling Party in power. DP condemns in the strongest terms these enemies of multiparty democracy in Uganda. We urge our citizens to refrain from joining their ranks and activities and we further urge all political parties to work together against this emerging anti-democracy trend.

In Truth and Justice; and For God and our Country.

Kiirya Ismail
President UYD & Acting Spokesperson