Okoler Opio November 16, 2021
DP spokesperson addressing the media with Hon. Dr. Hasib Takuba (right)and Hon. Keeno Ronny Charles (left)

Democratic Party embarked on the internal process leading to the identification of our flag bearer in the EALA elections scheduled for April next year.

We have chosen to begin this process a little earlier to allow time for our flag bearer to begin searching for votes among the 529 members of parliament.

The process was kick-started last week on 9th with interested party members picking nomination forms which they are returning and subsequently being nominated in two nomination days.

We would have appointed the Party’s flag bearer to EALA like other political parties but because Democratic Party is the epitome of democracy in the country, we had to demonstrate what we stand for through a process that is being handled with the utmost level of transparency, fairness and impartiality.

Democratic Party believes that the circumstances under which Uganda picks her representatives is marred with unfairness, connivance and ill intentions. In the distribution of EALA seats, the NRM takes six slots, one independent and two slots for political parties on the opposition, these are also determined by the NRM members of Parliament. Therefore Democratic Party calls for a fair distribution of the EALA slots among political parties.

Parliament should enact a legal framework that streamlines the internal party processes of identifying their flag bearers. Some political parties just appoint their representatives, it is important to establish criteria in the internal party processes because what happens internally determines the events in the political arena of the country. Political parties should be encouraged to subject the contenders to democratic processes.

Thank you
Okoler Opio Lo Amanu
Democratic Party