Okoler Opio January 27, 2022

The Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) is determined to win Mbarara University Guild elections. A few days after winning the MUBS guild elections, the UYD moves to capture Mbarara University of Science & Technology in a hotly contested guild election, based on the polls by Trust Daily a research organisation established by old students of MUST the UYD candidate Mugambe Victor is by far ahead of his colleagues with whom they are contesting having seven (7) out of every ten (10) interviewed students while others shared the three (03).

Mugambe Victor a third-year student pursuing a bachelor in petroleum engineering and environmental sciences is indeed set to become MUST’s next guild president after his unmatched but accurate presentation of students’ issues during the last guild presidential debate. The polls of Trust Daily put Victor in the lead thus increasing the chances of another UYD victory in less than a month.

Today the UYD candidate launched his manifesto in Kihumuro campus where students went bonkers during the serving of ice cream that had been procured by the team for the students. On this event, many students were seen joining Victor’s camp and many endorsing him for the top seat in the guild council.

Supporters of Mugambe Victor holding his posters a few minutes before commencement of the second guild debate

While speaking to Egumire reporter about how he intends to remedy the challenges that MUST students face he unequivocally put it that “I will work in accordance with my manifesto but if the power of logic fails then we, as students shall apply the logic of force”