Egumire May 30, 2023

For Immediate Release
Addis Ababa

Kiirya Ismail the UYD President elected the new president of Young Democratic Union of Africa (YDUA) a youth body which unites all youth leagues of Center right ideology.

Young Democratic Union of Africa (YDUA) organized it BiAnnual conference in Addis Ababa at Ramada Hotel. The conference was aimed to change leadership which were formerly occupied by a Ghananian Louisa Atta Agyemang who led the organization for two years then left to the mother body of Democratic Union of Africa (DUA).

The body was now being steered by Mr Gwamaka Mbughi from CHADEMA in an acting capacity. Their were three people who had been nominated on this position;

  1. Edwige Wasa – Cotedevour
    2.Muhcin Drissi – Morocco.
  2. Kiirya Ismail – Uganda.

The conference had 13 political parties acrosse Africa and In the hotly contested elections, Kiirya Ismail got votes from 8 political parties, followed by Muhcin who got 4 and Edwige Wassa got 1 vote.

The conference was fully organized by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS).