Current Affairs

Egumire August 6, 2021

Former Democratic Party (DP) Wakiso Chairman Ssalongo Expedito Ssekyalo died this thursday evening. He was being treated for various complications which had affected him for along time. His death was confirmed by Democratic Party President Hon Norbert Mao. “I have learnt with great sorrow of the death of Ssalongo Ssekyalo. I convey my sincere condolences […]

Egumire August 2, 2021

In a telephone conversation, Nicole shared with me her honest opinion about the lockdown, she felt that it should continue a little longer because the same has created an environment for her to enjoy the presence of her parents, in somewhat a jocose voice, she continued to say that this lockdown should be used by […]

Egumire July 21, 2021

As law abiding citizens and peace loving Ugandans, it is our wish to see suspects oncharges of the attempted murder of General Katumba Wamala and the doublemurder of Brenda Nantongo and Haruna Kayondo arraigned before court and justiceserved. We however insist that due process and the constitutional presumption of innocencemust be adhered to at all […]

Egumire July 21, 2021

Tanzania’s main opposition party, the Party for Democracy and Progress, also known as Chadema, says police have detained their leader Freeman Mbowe.  Mbowe was arrested before he was scheduled to speak at a conference to announce demands for constitutional reforms. The statement from Chadema’s Communication Director John Mrema, shared on Twitter, says Freeman Mbowe and […]

Egumire June 2, 2021

We are forgeting the bigger picture, the problem of Uganda though being part of it, is not President Museveni but rather the system that he has built over time that is now sustaining him in power, this system can sustain another despot who can even be worse than the incumbent. My opinion is that, it […]